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What is Panchakarma?

Pancha means 'five,' Karma means 'action,' and refers to five cleanse techniques. Once the body has gone through the specific Purva Karma techniques of external oleation and therapeutic heat, usually of a seven-day duration, elimination is ready to take place. There are also a variety of procedures used to enhance elimination and subdue certain doshic imbalances. They generally employ some form of snehana or Swedana, and often address the functions of a particular dosha. These procedures can be usued outside Pancha Kamrma, by themselves, or in conjunction with other treatments. Some of these procedures are: Shirodhara, pishinchhali, pinda Swedana, herbal steams/baths, bastis, herbal scrubs, pastes, and massage techniques.


Vaman is one of the five therapies of Ayurvedic Panchakarmas. Vaman refers to therapeutic vomiting which is done through medicated emesis.



Virechan is one of the karma from panchkarma therapies where in purgation is induced by drugs . It specifically aims at the elimination of excessive pitaa dosha from the body



Basti is the introduction of herbal decoctions and medicated oils into the colon through the rectum. While it directly affects the colon, it is not a localized or symptomatic treatment.



Nasya refers to administering ayurvedic medications through the nasal cavity to clear complications in the ear, nose, throat, and head.


Rakta Mokshan

The term Raktamokshana is derived from the Sanskrit word “Rakta”, which means blood, and “Moksha”, which means liberation. Process where impure blood is released from one’s body.



As per Ayurveda, Shirodhara is specifically advised when there is an aggravation of Vata and Pitta Doshas in the mind and body



Agnikarma procedure involves thermal micro-cauterization using  a metallic instrument called Agnikarma Shalaka



Udhvartan, also known as Udvartana, is an Ayurvedic dry powder massage that has been practiced for centuries to promote overall well-being.



This is a procedure in which medicated or plain unctuous substances like Ghrita are retained over the eyeball for a prescribed period of time as either a preventive or curative treatment modality



Abhyangis a Sanskrit word that means “application of oil all over the body.” It is a type of massage that is done with warm oil. The oil is applied to the entire body, from the scalp to the soles of your feet.


Patra Pinda Sweda

The body is massaged with the “potalis” (cloth bags) made from fried leaves of medicinal plants after dipping it in warm oil.


Janu Basti

Janu Basti means a treatment in which medicated oils are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in a compartment or a cabin constructed around the knee joint using wet flour of black gram.


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The aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to restore balance and harmony through a holistic approach that encompasses various aspects of an individual’s life, herbal remedies, detoxification, meditation, and more.

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Why Choose us for

Why choose Om Ayurved hospital for Treatment?

  • Holistic approach : Ayurveda focuses on treating the root cause of the illness rather than just the symptoms. Om Ayurved Hospital take a holistic approach to health and well-being, considering the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person.
  • Personalized treatment : Ayurvedic treatments are personalized according to an individual's unique constitution (Prakruti) and health condition(Dosha). At Om Ayurved Hospital, you can expect personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.
  • We manufacture our own medicine : We collect fresh herbs from forest and made medicines from that which is purest quality and fast effectivity .
  • Experienced practitioners : Om Ayurved Hospital have experienced Ayurvedic doctors who had 15 years of vast experience . therapists and staff who are well-versed in traditional Ayurvedic practices and treatments. You can benefit from their expertise and guidance during your treatment.
  • Focus on prevention : Ayurveda not only treats diseases but also focuses on preventing illnesses by promoting overall health and well-being. Through Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle recommendations, you can learn how to maintain good health and prevent future health issues.
  • Non-invasive treatments : Ayurvedic treatments are non-invasive and aim to restore balance in the body naturally. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer natural healing methods or want to avoid invasive procedures.
  • Long-lasting results : Ayurvedic treatments aim to address the root cause of health issues and promote overall well-being. By following Ayurvedic principles and incorporating lifestyle changes, you can experience long-lasting results and improved quality of life.

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Ayurveda has gained popularity worldwide as an alternative and complementary system of medicine

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