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Human Diseases

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is one of the oldest and most common types of arthritis. It is characterized by a breakdown of the joint's cartilage. Cartilage is the part of the joint that cushions the ends of bones.


Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOD

Polycystic ovarian disease is a Gynaecological disorder whose prevalence seems to have increased considerably among Indian women in last few years. Many young girls and middle-aged Indian women are suffering from this syndrome


Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose, resulting in the condition of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).This increases the urine output, which leads to dehydration and increased thirst.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine

A common neurological syndrome, Migraine is characterized by altered bodily perceptions, severe pounding headaches, nausea and irritability. This pounding or pain usually begins in the forehead, the side of the head or around the eyes.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes (the cells that make pigment) in the skin are destroyed. As a result, white patches appear on the skin in different parts of the body.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney stone

Kidney Stones are formed due to crystallization of minerals and waste materials found in urine. A kidney stone may be the size of a pinhead and may pass unnoticed through urine; or it can be large, up to the size of a grapefruit.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-contagious common skin condition that causes rapid skin cell reproduction resulting in red, dry patches of thickened skin. The dry flakes and skin scales are thought to result from the rapid buildup of skin cells.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile dysfunction

The inability of a man to achieve or sustain erection it is called erectile is believed that approximately 40% of males suffer from it at one time or another in life


Ayurvedic Treatment for Urticaria

Urticaria (Hives) are red, itchy, raised areas of the skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They range in size, from a few millimeters to several inches in diameter. Hives can be round, or they can form rings or large patches.


Why Choose us for

Why choose Om Ayurved hospital for Treatment?

  • Holistic approach : Ayurveda focuses on treating the root cause of the illness rather than just the symptoms. Om Ayurved Hospital take a holistic approach to health and well-being, considering the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person.
  • Personalized treatment : Ayurvedic treatments are personalized according to an individual's unique constitution (Prakruti) and health condition(Dosha). At Om Ayurved Hospital, you can expect personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.
  • We manufacture our own medicine : We collect fresh herbs from forest and made medicines from that which is purest quality and fast effectivity .
  • Experienced practitioners : Om Ayurved Hospital have experienced Ayurvedic doctors who had 15 years of vast experience . therapists and staff who are well-versed in traditional Ayurvedic practices and treatments. You can benefit from their expertise and guidance during your treatment.
  • Focus on prevention : Ayurveda not only treats diseases but also focuses on preventing illnesses by promoting overall health and well-being. Through Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle recommendations, you can learn how to maintain good health and prevent future health issues.
  • Non-invasive treatments : Ayurvedic treatments are non-invasive and aim to restore balance in the body naturally. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer natural healing methods or want to avoid invasive procedures.
  • Long-lasting results : Ayurvedic treatments aim to address the root cause of health issues and promote overall well-being. By following Ayurvedic principles and incorporating lifestyle changes, you can experience long-lasting results and improved quality of life.

Our Happy Customer What says!

Ayurveda has gained popularity worldwide as an alternative and complementary system of medicine

Before taking Ayurvedic medicine, I visited many allopathic medicine for acidity but all allopathic doctors used to say, I have to take extreme care of my diet but nobody tell me what kind of care I have to take and for how much time.
Thankfully I visited this Ayurvedic clinic and they have very specific about each everything including my diet and medicine timing and all.

And I feel some what relax form acidity within 8 days. Let hope I fully recovered from this problem after my entire course

Viraj Dobariya


Highly recommended

My mother has Health issues like thyroid, diabetic ,but she she started treatment at Om Ayurved Hospital to consult Dr Vijay Kubawat for controlling of both, Now Result is good she is loose some weight also,

Dr.Vijay Kubavat And Dr.Kaushik Maru have Simple and good nature, always ready to listen problems nd they try to solve. i recommend to visit once if u r that type of health issues. thank you so much for your treatments.

Parth Prajapati


I have kidney stones number10-13 in past, so i started Treatment at Om Ayurved hospital to Dr. Vijay sir and results is good now i hve 1 or 2 stones, also started weight loss treatment and i loss 13kg.
I recommend to my friends to visit om Ayurved hospital in once, change your life

Kinjal Prajapati


I have visited this place few months back. I am really happy with the result of medicine given it to me. I would recommend it to everyone who is trying for baby. You will get the best result.

Priti Jain


My mom was suffering to back pain and calf pain because of varicose veins. So we goes to the Om Ayurved Hospital for the treatment. now days she is free from the pain. So Ayurved is best for us

Piyush Tadhani


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The aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to restore balance and harmony through a holistic approach that encompasses various aspects of an individual’s life, herbal remedies, detoxification, meditation, and more.

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